About Us


At the heart of our candle company lies a deeply personal journey—a tribute to cherished memories, the legacy of our late father and brothers, and the enduring power of scent to evoke the past.

In their honor, we've meticulously crafted each candle to encapsulate moments that resonate with the essence of those cherished moments in life. Our father, a beacon of strength and wisdom, and our brothers, each with their unique charisma and warmth, inspire every flicker of light that emanates from our creations.

Each candle we produce is not just a blend of wax and fragrance; it's a vessel carrying fragments of our shared experiences, a tribute to the enduring love and lessons bestowed upon us by our beloved family. The flickering flame is a symbol of their lasting presence in our lives, illuminating our path with their cherished teachings and love.

With every candle you light, you become a part of this homage, joining us in honoring the legacy of our late father and brothers. It's our sincerest hope that these scents, carefully curated and lovingly crafted, will evoke cherished memories of your own, intertwining our stories through the power of aroma and remembrance.

"Thank you for being a part of our journey."