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  • Trimming your wick

    Want a clean, even burn? Make sure your candle's wick is properly trimmed. Each time you light your candle, double-check your wick. Use a wick trimmer to neatly trim it down to approx 1/4". Try to be as precise as you can. A too-short wick can get lost in a sea of melted wax and fail to light. (Tip- nail clippers work great!)

  • It's burning time

    One of the most common candle mistakes is burn too long—or not long enough. Our candles are made to burned three to four hours at a time. If you don't burn long enough, your candle may tunnel, or it may not smell very fragrant. The larger the hot wax pool, the more fragrance emits. If you burn too long, your candle may get too hot, thinning out the wax. The heat can damage the fragrance oils in your candle, and the thin wax and untrimmed wick can cause your candle to put off soot.

    Glass gets hot on the bottom as the wick nears the base. It can cause the vessel to crack or break. We recommend burning all candles on heat resistant surfaces and do not use the candle once the wax is within 1/2" of the bottom.

  • Putting out the Flame

    When it comes time to put out your candle, keep it simple. You can always invest in a wick snuffer, but blowing a candle out works just fine. Please gently and remember it's not a birthday cake! Blowing too hard can cause wax to splatter everywhere, wasting your wax and creating a mess to clean up. You can also put your jar candle out by putting on the lid to snuff it out.

Shipping & Returns

We love happy customers! If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us at 

Processing Orders

Orders are typically processed & shipped within 3-5 business days. Please allow for additional time around holidays.

Missing or Damaged Product 

Ship Happens!! If you receive a candle that is damaged during shipping, please send images of the damaged item to within 24 hrs of receipt. We are happy to replace the item for you. If you believe the package is missing, please first contact the local branch of the shipping company (USPS, UPS, etc.). We find that most often lost packages are found that way. We cannot replace missing or stole items at this time.

Wax products can soften or melt when ordered during warm temperatures. Products that become melted when subjected to hot temperatures for long periods of time due to being left outside or during shipping, we cannot be held liable for.

Didn't Pass the Sniff Test

Unfortunately, we do not offer exchanges based on personal preferences. Our products make great gifts, so if you are not fond of a scent, most likely a family member, friend, or co-worker, would love it. Fragrance profiles and notes are provided for each product to help you make your choice.

International Orders

If ordering from outside of the U.S., please contact us at prior to placing your order . We apologize for the inconvenience.